Saturday, April 30, 2011

X is for (e)xcuse.

I almost missed out the letter X. Well, I think I can be excused because I was actually up in the air on the X day... somewhere over the Arab countries I think... on a long haul flight from New Zealand to England. Wherever it was I was, my head was not with me and has still not quite caught up.

The first half of the journey was already under the belt. We did that Business Class with the points collected from previous flights. Actually, I don't think I'd ever PAY for Business Class. Not in real money, although points are currency these days, I do realize that. And it annoys me a bit when people get free upgrades when they've not even been collecting points, just because they arrive late at the terminal... when I've been collectiong points for years and can only manage an upgrade for half the journey every second year. Anyway, the seats in Business Class are far too big for me and no matter how I try to change the configuration I always manage to slide off them because I can't reach the floor and my head doesn't reach the head-rest, so I end up curled in a blanket down by the footrest somewhere. And to be honest, I don't need all that food and I certainly don't want all the interruptions to my film viewing. They do fuss over you a lot. Evertime anyone gets up for the loo cabin staff nip in and plump up the cushion and fold up the blanket... so I have difficulty, in the dark, finding my own seat once again. But it's nice to get on and off before the rush... so you can get to the toilets first and avoid the queue.

The second half of the journey we were in economy and those seats are much more suited to my height. It's an altogether jollier place to be and you can have a chat while doing your exercises at the back of the cabin. In Business Class people don't do exercises. And they don't talk. They just sleep.

Anyway, we arrived on time but unfortunately so did three other Jumbos and the Customs Hall was as packed as I've ever seen it. So was the M25. What a culture shock THAT is. If there's anywhere in Britain to avoid at all cost, stick a huge X on the M25 on your map.

So, that's my excuse for almost missing out on letter X. But I did slip it in at the end.



  1. I think that's a good enough excuse. I'd have missed X if I'd been that high up (I hate flying!) Congratulations for completing the challenge!!! Aren't we clever ;-)

  2. Christine, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!