Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daisy's Last Day

If you drop in to my blog space now and then you may have realized that I'm passionate about Guide Dogs and their training. It's wonderful to be involved in an organization that gives so much, not only to its end clients, but to its 11,000 volunteers.

I'm involved in the capacity of Puppy Walker and also of accredited Speaker, giving awareness-raising talks at schools, rest homes, work places, golf clubs.... you name it and that's where I go.

But the hardest part of all this is giving up the puppy that you've raised from 6 weeks old to 13 or 14 months. Yes, it hurts! And yesterday, Daisy left to start her new life, first at the Guide Dogs training centre, and then training with a potential blind partner with whom she'll live and work until she's about 8 years old.

It's always a painful time for Puppy Walkers. But we're so proud when we're invited to see our pups 'graduate' at the end of their advanced training.

Here's a little montage of Daisy's life as a pup.

All grown up now, at 13 months. Had her little operation. Out for a last fling with her boyfriend Sparky, who is the pup sitting on my lap at the coffee shop in my profile photo.

Relaxing with her Sparky on her last day before working life begins.  I'm sure she'll do well in her training.

Daisy... wishing you a happy life and a kind and thoughtful owner.

(Postscript: When Daisy arrived at the Guide DogsTraining Centre she found herself in kennels with her sister Dolly and brother Dixon. A family reunion. That was nice.)



  1. What a lovely series of photographs! How difficult it must be to say Goodbye, but what a wonderful feeling knowing that Daisy is now ready to begin her life as a Guide Dog. All the best!

  2. Awww! Wishing Daisy and you both well through this transition!

  3. Daisy is an adorable dog, love the pictures:)

  4. Amazing story - you're a very brave person- I'm not sure I could do that, even knowing what incredible work your dog was destined for, you have my total admiration!

    I have an award for you here

  5. Awww, a wonderful and selfless thing, to raise these dogs for others. I worked in a bookstore for a time and there were two ladies who brought their pups in from time to time to begin acclimating them. I don't think a lot of people realize how much effort goes into basic training and socializing! I too hope Daisy finds a wonderful owner/companion.

  6. That's such an adorable dog. This post made me go misty-eyed...I never knew how much was involved in raising a guide dog, and I had never imagined the role of a puppy walker before.

    Thanks so much for sharing your words and pictures. Beautiful.