Sunday, April 17, 2011

M is for Morning Mists

'Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness'... somebody wrote that. Not me. As you move into spring and summer up in the northern hemisphere, down here we're moving into autumn. Except that in New Zealand it's not always obvious.

Because the native bush and most native trees are evergreen, but not of the coniferous type, the countryside never looks bare. Only occasionally do you come across imported deciduous trees that turn an autumn colour and lose their leaves. Even Maples manage to hang onto their leaves in some areas, for some reason. Added to the native trees that manage to stay green, there are huge swathes of pine forests, pine being a crop here that matures in just 30 years. So, in the middle of winter, apart from it being colder, the countryside and forests areas still look very green. Only the morning mists and the cooling temperatures to remind you that winter is on the way.


  1. Summer is on its way here in the UK but we're still getting morning mists and chilly days. It looks very beautiful where you are.

  2. Both photos are beautiful! I also didn't know that most trees in NZ were evergreen. Thanks.

  3. It's starting to feel really wintery isn't it?? I love autumn, my favourite season I think. Where is your second photo taken - is that the Coromandel? Beautiful.

  4. Hey Christine ~~ I'm popping in from the A~Z Challenge .
    Your opening lines are from Keats "Ode To Autumn" .
    The pics are great !