Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kristal's here - seven weeks old.

Guide Dog pup Kristal's arrived... and don't we know it! Two nights of constant barking, objecting to having the door closed on her indoor kennel. But hey, I have my kitchen cupboard knobs to protect. Don't let HER call the shots was the advice from my supervisor. Okay, so husband and I shared what turned out to be our last pair of ear-plugs. One each. It sort of worked. Then last night, night 3, she was fine. No crying no mess. She just needed to establish that when we go out of sight, we do turn up again.

As it happens, Sparky, our 3 year old ex pup, is still with us on his holidays and Kristal has immediately fallen in love, spurning the re-cycled mattress (pillow slip stuffed with old jumpers) I'd prepared for her in favour of snuggling down with him. He is so gentle that he just moves over to make room for her. This arrangement is alright while under supervision, but trustworthy and patient as he is, I'd never leave them unattended. Every dog has its limits, and Kristal's persistant searching for nipples in all Sparky's warm crevices might soon become too much for him. I won't take the risk.

I lost her at one stage on her first day. There she was out in the garden playing football with Sparky and giving him a good run for his money. It was when she started chasing him and hanging onto his tail that I had to step in and stop the game. Bold? Oh yes. I can see we have a little madam here with a mind of her own.

By coincidence, Kristal's sister, Kenna, is being puppy walked in the next village. I'm sure we'll meet up for outings together. It will be fascinating to compare progress and problems.

Kristal's already been out for her first coffee. And husband is confident that she will be a star attraction when I leave him standing outside a shop with her. (I usually emerge to find him surrounded by young women... he loves it.).

So, watch this space. Take note of the new spelling... she arrived minus the Y and with an I in her name... and don't for one minute be fooled by that put-upon expression.


  1. Awwww. She's a cutie, and a feisty one too - but then I guess potential Guide Dogs need to have outgoing personalities. I grew up in Exeter, where the used to have a Guide Dog breeding and training centre, so was always used to seeing the pups out and about round town. I pleaded with my mum to take up puppy walking but she said she'd be too heartbroken when they had to go back into training!

  2. So gorgeous and cute,I could hug her. I think she is going to have a fantastic stay with you. As for tormenting Sparky, we know all about that, our second rescue dog was just 10 months old when we took him in and year on, he still wants to play with our first rescue, who is now nine and half years old. Enjoy your beautiful pets. Hugs x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures - particularly the last one. Look forward to seeing more of her. x

  4. She's so cute......... I love dogs!!

  5. Oh Christine, she's adorable. I want to rush round and cuddle her right this minute. I hope you're having nights sleeps again now but I'm sure you'd forgive her anything. She's got such a hangdog expression.