Sunday, June 12, 2011

Krazy Kristal

Okay... when I first started blogging I told myself that I wasn't going to devote these pages to doggy doings. But what can you do when you have a creature like Kristal in situ? Just a few more photos and then I'll put puppy capers on hold for awhile... but,  whoops.... no, hang on... I sense a wee coming up. Off we go... 'busy busy!'

All credit to her, she's been excellent at lettting me know when she wants to go out. You have to learn to recognize the signs, but the signs are definitely there. She will squeak at me and look up appealingly.  Once outside, and this amazes me, she rushes off around the corner of the house to the designated peeing place. This is at 8 weeks old.

She will now sit and WAIT in front of her dinner bowl until I blow my whistle. This is a conditioning ploy, so that later on when free-running, she will come to the sound of the whistle. It's a useful tool for blind people as they can't see in which direction their dog has run off when free running, or how far away the dog is. When a few of us puppy walkers are in a park together, if one person blows a whistle then ALL the pups will descend upon the whistle-blower and expect a treat. One puppy walker flat on her back, trampled by eager to please pups who all came when called.

Leadwork is coming along well, although Kristal  likes to carry a length of lead in her mouth, something we discourage Guide Dog pups doing, but she'll grow out of that. It's a comfort thing.

She has a natural curiosity about everything, and, in typical Labrador fashion, everything has to submit to the taste test. Shoes, in particular, hold enough scents to drive a dog nuts!

Oh, joy... a cardboard box. Who needs store-bought fancy toys? 

Royal Canin - that means there was food in here. Better check it out.

Can't see anything.

This needs a closer look. I'm going in.

There definitely was food in here.

Let me at it! Let me at it!

You never know who to believe these days.


  1. No, don't stop. These are adorable pictures and the anecdotes make me grin. I keep reading bits out to Mr A who's trying to read the financial section of the paper. I truly am in love with Kristal.

  2. By the way, I've tagged you on my blog :-)