Sunday, January 5, 2014

A book worth talking about - Wine Dogs New Zealand

Wine producers in New Zealand take their wines seriously. They don't, however, take themselves too seriously. In this book of photographs, compiled by award winning NZ photographer Kevin Judd, we meet dogs of all shape, size and age who are lucky enough to live on a vineyard (or winery as they're known here) in God's Own Country.

Accompanying each portrait, is an irreverent CV detailing individual attributes:  naughtiest deed (stealing bungs from full barrels); most unsociable behaviour (passing wind under the tables at an important tasting); and most  frequent partner in crime (biggest doggy buddy who often lives across at the neighbouring winery.) There's a lot of chook chasing and stealing of the workers' lunches going on, not to mention the rivalry for status between the winery dogs and the incumbent cats.

You don't have to be a wine lover to enjoy this small book. You just have to enjoy looking at stunning and painstakingly collected photographs of cheeky, lovable dogs who clearly take the stuffiness out of what is sometimes seen as an elite world. And if you do like to travel the wine trails you won't be up to much reading if you're tasting as you go, so this is an ideal book to take with you as there's not much reading in it. Just lots of pictures and tall tales that will make you want so seek out particular labels because of their dogs as well as their wines.

PS: And if you prefer Australian wines, well, they do a similar book that covers the Aussie wine producers...(who are not a patch on the Kiwis but their dogs are pretty cool).

[WINE DOGS The Dogs of New Zealand Wineries by McGill, Elliott & Judd]

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