Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's raining sausages (for Kristal)

Kristal was out in the garden this morning when suddenly a string of sausages fell from the sky.

                       Like a shot, she was on to them, and not about to let them go.

Obviously, they'd flown over the fence from next door, and, as new neighbours, we ought to do the right thing and return them. Oh, but not yet, eh Mum?  First she had a great chase around the garden with one end in her mouth and the rest trailing. In and out of bushes and up and down the driveway.

Then she settled down to test the flavour. Mmmm. Slight essence of slobber... a hint of yuck... a bit of muck.

Then they squeaked at her. WHAT? Where did that come from?  Not edible after all? Well, you know us Labradors... we'll give anything a go.

No sooner had I retrieved the sausages before they ended up looking more like mince meat, than a frisbee landed right in front of her nose.

                                                     Oh joy! It's raining toys.

                                                       Finders, keepers!

                 Oh come on... you're not going to make me give it back are you?


  1. Kristal is so cute :D She has such a plaintive face, it just makes you want to hug her. I love her black shiny coat.

  2. Sweet Kristal! Who wouldn't want it to rain fun toys?