Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last Week with Kristal

It's almost upon us. The time we puppy walkers find so distressing. Handing the pup back to Guide Dogs or onwards to another puppy walker. And Kristal's time with us is almost up. She's 9 months old now and will be moving on to another puppy walker with whom I sometimes do a puppy-share. I've had more than my share this time, because my colleague has builders in and puppies LOVE fresh plaster, so Kristal has been with us slightly longer than planned. In that time she's really matured and we can see much more adult behaviour and physique. She squares up beautifully, and when she's on her toes, she's a joy to behold.

This week we do lots of things 'for the last time'. Last favourite walk, last trip to John Lewis, last visit to certain friends, last group training class.  Lots of people will call in to say goodbye. Kristal knows the puppy walker she's going to, so there'll be no problem with her settling in. And her best friend Sparky lives there too. (He's the pup in my profile picture... he didn't make the grade, despite being the best I've had at obedience,  so was adopted. It was a medical issue he copped out on.)

I'll be packing Kristal's bags and packing my own too. We always go on holiday when a pup leaves us.... it helps to make the parting more bearable. And I'll get to see her again, so watch this space.


  1. I'm sure you'll miss Kristal. Even I'm going to miss Kristal and I've never actually met her. Have a lovely holiday and I'm looking forward to hearing about your next puppy as well as Kristal updates.

    Thanks for your comments. If you look on your cashboard where it lists out posts, stats etc, there's one that says 'pages'. Click on that and you get the opportunity to create a new page. That's it. It puts a tab up when it's saved and you can add and edit pages in the same way as you can with posts. Hope that helps.

  2. This is the part that I'd find impossible. You've given Kristel such a great start, and I've loved reading about her. Hope your parting isn't too difficult. I guess it's easier if you still have the opportunity to see her again afterwards.

  3. I know I have not been by your blog in a long time, but I think of you often. Remembering your loving gift to the world. I wish I could express to you just how amazing I think you are. Such a blessing- such a blessing. xo teri