Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Kenneth (Twiggy)  Edwards     2.08.1948  -  18.03.2011

My brother died five days ago. My baby brother... that makes a difference. Somehow you expect an older sibling to go before you, but not a younger one.

Ken was a colourful character. A very talented artist, he trained and worked for many years with a firm of graphic designers, but then shunned corporate life to work on fishing trawlers while continuing to paint. He loved this life, but sadly, due to a stroke, his nautical career was cut short.

An original 60s hippy, he embraced an alternative lifestyle that looked a lot of fun at the time, but for which he paid dearly in later life. He had more than his fair share of bad luck yet always remained supremely cheerful and welcoming.

Aged 62, after 5 months hospitalization and rehabilitation due to a broken hip, he moved into a new flat. Sadly, he only spent one night there before collapsing with a severe infection from his wound which his body was unable to fight. He died in Auckland Hospital 5 days after being admitted.

He would have enjoyed living in his new flat. Outside the back door was a prolific and heavily laden banana tree. He'd have thought that pretty cool.

Ken leaves a son, and a sister who wishes she'd spent more time with him.


  1. Dear Christine - I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and sympathies are with you and your family xo

  2. Sorry to hear this Christine. Your brother sounds like a wonderful person.
    I'm holding your hand across the miles.

  3. That's so very sad. Hold on to the memories of how he enjoyed his hippy life. There's nothing more I can say. I hope that time is helping to heal your pain.