Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Missing my pups.

I don't have any baby photos to post so I'm sharing my pups with you. I just LOVE being a puppy walker for Guide Dogs. The only downside is having to give them back. Oh yeah.... that hurts.

But we have such a lot of fun while we have them that it's all worth it. And we know we're doing something useful. These little ones have to mature before the trainers can do anything with them. Our job is to socialize them, do basic obedience, introduce them to all the sights & sounds of town & country. Trains, buses, lifts, theatres, schools, shops etc.

Oh, my goodness. Will you just look at that face. This is Sparky. And what a really bright spark he turned out to be.

Eager as a beaver.

With my first pup I wrote a fortnightly journal - novice puppy walker, novice guide dog pup -  that I read on Talking News for the Blind. It was very popular with blind Guide Dog owners. That was many pups ago.

If you're interested, look up www.guidedogs.org.uk  -  they're always recruiting.

Or if you're in NZ, the Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind have details. rnzfb.org.nz

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